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Though, of course, the wriggling made it rather difficult to continue with the Plan and thus Aziraphale solved that problem with a little angelic power. It is some time after the Apoca-didn't, and Aziraphale and Crowley were lying low. It happened without warning, violently fast and terrifying.

Crowley watches as Aziraphale Falls, knowing how much it hurts, how lost you feel.

He is determined to keep the former Principality from coming apart. WIP- probably not going to be super long. Will update tags as needed. It's been a long time since I've published anything. Be kind. But I'm asking the right one now. The only one that matters. Please go read the original and everything else Kedreeva has written. They're absolutely lovely, and their Good Omens stuff is phenomenal Aziraphale decides to take a break from inhabiting a human-like body. Crowley struggles to find something to do in the meantime which doesn't include weird bird encounters, but here he is.

A year has passed since Armageddon't, and unlike a certain time before, Crowley won't let that opportunity pass unused. What on Earth are you asking me? In the middle of all these people? No-one had any idea she wasn't the real Elektra, including Wolverine and Doctor Strange , meaning that this faction of Skrulls has considerably improved their shapeshifting powers. Naturally, they start to wonder who else might be an imposter This also seems to happen to any part of a Skrull that's separated from the main body; when Crusader's hand was cut off during a training exercise in Avengers: The Initiative , it started turning a little green by the time they'd reattached it.

After the werewolf in the fifth issue of The Monster of Frankenstein is killed, it reverts back to human to reveal that it was in fact the woman whom the Monster had protected throughout the story. Films — Live-Action. In one of the endings, Drake in Blade: Trinity actually managed to hold on to the last shape he shifted into for a few hours after death, having mimicked Blade as a parting gift to fool the authorities into thinking he was dead. Applies in Underworld.

Lycans normally revert to their humanoid form when they die, but Vampires eventually discovered a serum that would keep them in their wolf form after death so they could be studied. The werewolves in An American Werewolf in London immediately revert to human form upon dying. The werewolf that attacked David and Jack turned out to be an old man.

This seems to happen to most supernatural foes the eponymous hero in Van Helsing faces, including Mr.

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Hyde and at least one wolfman. Van Helsing even remarks on this twice, telling his boss, "I'm the one who's left standing there when they die and become the men they once were! Likewise in the Species III the hybrids always turn back to human form when they die.

The Matrix : Agents are capable of taking over bystanders' bodies. If they should be killed, the program leaves and the innocent most recent host is unmistakably dead.

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  • There are no other bodies, but all their other hosts are presumably very dead as well, or they just find themselves someplace strange with no memory of how they got there. Actually addressed in one of the video games. Ghost is looking at an Agent through his scope when the Agent jumps out of the body, leaving a SWAT sharpshooter with a headache, who looks around in confusion. Averted to a degree in the Hammer Horror The Curse of the Werewolf : when Leon the werewolf is shot by his father, the father covers his body with a cloak and the audience does not see if it reverts or not. Played straight in both the original The Wolf Man and its remake.

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    In fact, in the original, this causes some problems for Larry - he beat a wolf to death with a cane, and is very confused as to why everyone keeps asking him why he killed a human. In the film version of the H. Wells novel The Invisible Man , the title character became visible when he died. Fright Night After Evil Ed is killed while in wolf form, he returns to human form.

    Mizuno, the eponymous character, reverts to his solid form after the theater is blown up in The Human Vapor.

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    Mechagodzilla revert back to apes upon death full body or when hurt only their injured parts. This is only true for this movie — in the sequel Terror of Mechagodzilla , only one dies on-screen, but instead of warping into an ape, he rather arbitrarily tears the skin off his face, revealing a deformed head.

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    It's a clear but kinda random reference to the Planet of the Apes movies. In The Happy Ghost 5 , a dog makes a deal with the Happy Ghost to become a human for 44 days because he wants to do more for his owner before dying. At the end, he takes a bullet for his mistress and is loaded onto an ambulance. Seconds later, the paramedic remarks that he can't do anything for a dog. The woman then sees her dead dog on the gurney.

    Joe: Retaliation , when Storm Shadow kills Zartan, his returns to his original appearance.

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    The werewolf in The Undying Monster immediately turns back to human when its shot at the climax in the cliffside, and it falls to the crashing waves below. In Red Riding Hood , the beast hunter they bring in tells them they haven't killed the werewolf because they have a wolf's head mounted, not a human head. He also relates the story an actual werewolf myth that he once tracked down a werewolf and cut off its paw.

    When he got home, his wife was cradling her bloody arm, and a look at the paw revealed it was now a human hand, wearing her ring and revealing her as the werewolf. She's still alive, so it isn't clear if the paw transformed because it was cut off or because it continued to transform as she did. At the end of the movie, when they actually manage to kill the werewolf, he does take his human form. When the heroine of Cat People dies, she shapeshifts back into a panther.

    Lifeforce : When one of the male space vampires receives a metal stake through his chest courtesy of Colonel Caine, he turns back into his giant bat form as he dies. Full Eclipse : When a werewolf dies, their body turns human again.

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    The werewolf reverts back to his human form, who thanks Rudy before dying. Rudy: Well, told ya.

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    • There's only one way to kill a werewolf. Wells ' The Invisible Man became visible again when he died. This is because his method of becoming invisible only worked on living tissue, so once his body became unliving, it ceased being invisible. Referenced and subverted in a The X-Files tie-in novel. Standing over the corpse of a woman with natural camoflage, Mulder laughs out loud when he realizes that he's been waiting for her to turn back to normal. Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr.

      Jekyll and Mr. Hyde , Hyde dies and retains his shape, but in most movie adaptations including the version , he reverts to Jekyll on death, suggesting perhaps that his evil self is gone and now he is at peace. In the Michael Moorcock novel The Vanishing Tower , the shape shifting Oonai change back into their true pig-like forms when they die. Moonglum observes, "It's not hard to see why an ugly creature like this would wish to change its form. They are Grolim priests—minor sorcerers—transformed into enormous dogs, but they go back to being human if you kill them. Turns out his species is actually quite small and non-humanoid, and is using illusion powers to simulate the form we know him as throughout the stories.

      When Lando scores a lucky shot at one foot, he strikes the real Gepta for the first time, and with the illusion gone, he's able to finish him with one squeeze. The Picture of Dorian Gray : When Dorian Gray stabs his portrait, he ages to his "supposed" age and dies, while the portrait reverts to depicting his young form. In Welkin Weasels : Vampire Voles , the "wereweasel" shot by Monty changes back from a monstrously mutated six-inch-tall human into a normal weasel upon dying.

      Shapeshifters in the Kate Daniels universe assume their birth form when dead or dying. Results in an "oh, crap! He dies soon after. In Robert R. McCammon 's The Wolf's Hour , the body of a werewolf spasms at death, becoming a mishmash of wolf and human parts. Harry Potter : As a non-death example, Metamorphmagi wizards who can change their form at will apparently lose their power under extreme depression. Also, the "raw"-looking baby-like form that is Voldemort with only a fraction of his soul left gets transformed back into a relatively normal-looking adult human by Wormtail's spell in book four, but it's the baby version Harry sees in his Afterlife Antechamber , while he and Dumbledore look like their ordinary selves.

      On the other hand, this doesn't happen if someone takes Polyjuice Potion to humanshift and dies before the potion wears off. Barty Crouch Junior fakes his death when he and his ailing mother use the potion to disguise themselves as each other. His mother takes his place in prison and dies before she can revert to her true appearance, and her still-transformed body is buried while the real prisoner goes free though his father still keeps him captive for years.