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His backstory is tragic--kidnapped by an evil man and brainwashed to be a killing machine, along with several other children, one can easily connect his childhood with many children of the world today. I felt for him, and look forward to his inner healing in the promised upcoming two sequels the author indicates that he plans to write a trilogy.

There are some fun, albeit somewhat stereotypical, supporting characters introduced later in the book--the washed-up Sullen, the barbarian Grom and the scampy but brilliant Alex. I enjoyed meeting all of them and hope to see more of them. The one main character that really doesn't work for me is Sasha Not very appealing--which is a shame, considering she's pretty much the focus of the first third of the book. She just feels paper-thin as a character There are a few brief exchanges between her and Kenji which are some of the best moments of the story--dealing with those very important themes of forgiveness and redemption I mentioned earlier.

These are the scenes I wish had been more fully fleshed out.

The final comment is the hardest one for me to make, because I know how difficult writing can be and that this story is obviously a labor of love for the author, but the fact is, it's just not very well written. Most of the prose is clunky and sounds like beginning fan-fiction written by a year old. Some of the lines issued by both heroes and villains are just laughable Such a shame, because, as I said, the story itself has a great deal to offer.

So if you can see past the less-than-stellar writing and a few characters that could stand to be better developed, I encourage you to give this book a try. I will definitely check out the sequels when they are produced, as I do want to see where it all winds up and how the characters grow.

December 2, - Published on Amazon. I would consider myself a avid reader and I recommend everyone who reads this review buys this book and dives into the adventure this book provides. I was sucked into this book immediately and finished it within 3 days! Thomas Childress does a amazing job of painting a picture and creats a emotional attachment to the characters.