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Use one of my free resources to help you and your family start living smarter, happier and more aligned with the life you were born for.

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Get more out of life. Have bigger impact and find greater joy! Take the quiz to pinpoint your starting place Join the masterclass Blueprint Life Coaching is built on the idea that we all have a unique gift to offer the world.

Andrew's goal is to use this platform to co-create 10, success stories from around the world. I am committed to helping you live your life to the full. I maintain a healthy weight be living an active lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, and a implimenting proactive health management plan.

I have plenty of energy for every day life and the extraordinary moments in life. I am constantly improving my physicality. I am constantly bettering the food that I am putting into my body. I rarely get sick and I am the picture of good health no matter my age. This is the hard part. After you have decided the purpose and future for your priorities, you need to know where you are right now. You need to be honest with yourself. In this part, we talk about reality and sometimes, reality sucks. This way we have a start and an end to getting to our dreams.

For each of your priorities, you need to know where you are so you know where you need to get to and how to do it. Below is an example of my present statement for my people priority:. I have few friends I can call whenever. Not all of my relationships have clear boundaries. I have identified about two inner circle people. I need to identify an new mentor. I need to start setting some regular things to do with friends. Do this now for each of your priorities. Now, we have a purpose, the beginning, and the end to our dreams for our priorities. We need to start creating action steps to get from the present to the future.

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This is where we make the roadmap to our dreams. In this part, you will create four to five major actions you can take in a quarter to move closer to your dreams and desired life. Below is an example of my action steps for my vocation priority:. As you can see, this is numbered, which helps make it easier to know what steps to take.

However, you can do this. It is time to put it all together and make your living document. My life plan starts with my end of life interview. Then it goes one by one through my priorities with each statement added under the priority section. All of these go together in one document. I use Apple Pages. My life plan is 13 pages long. Once you have everything compiled together, you can print it off and place it somewhere you can review it. It will be important for you to review your life plan weekly, monthly, and quarterly. The weekly and monthly reviews are to keep you on track toward your dreams and desired life.

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Your quarterly reviews are to update your life plan as you accomplish things or find struggles along the way. These times will be very valuable to help you see your progress and diagnose problems along the way. It is time for you to start taking action. Create your life plan now. You have everything you need.

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You will not regret stepping into the journey of chasing your dreams and going after the life you desire. I remember when I started doing this it was overwhelming, and in the end, I have seen more dreams come true than I could have imagined four years ago. If you want to learn more about life planning, and achieving your dreams, enroll in my 7-Day, Living the Dream Master Course where you will learn everything I know about achieving our dreams!

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Enroll Today! Respond: Do you have a life plan now? Have you ever tried to create one? What do you think is the most helpful aspect of this story? Share in the responses below. Sign in. Get started. Jack Heimbigner Follow. The Life Plan People get weird when I tell them about my life plan. Create Your Life Plan. Step One: Imagine Being Interviewed at the End of Your Life You are sitting in an easy chair at a ripe old age and across from you is a reporter for a major news outlet.

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As you prepare for the interview, the reporter asks these questions: Who should we interview about your life? What is the one thing you never thought you would do, but did it?

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  5. Where have you lived, learned, and experienced your greatest successes? When did you do the hard work to make this life possible? Why did you work so hard to be who you are? How did you accomplish these amazing things?

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    5. Step Two: Determine Your Priorities Here are the nuts and bolts of step one, what is most important to you? Below is an example of my action steps for my vocation priority: Reduce my inventory every month. Become consistent at managing my workload and not getting behind.

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      Finish Mentorship with new rep. Start working from home one day a week regularly. Take a lunch every day, leave work by pm every day. Take Action Today It is time for you to start taking action.