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You saw Joe cross your property. In a sense, by not telling Joe to stop sooner, you gave him silent permission to use your property.

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Each building owner owns half of the wall and has an easement for the other half. Fences on property lines and shared driveways work the same way.

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Agreements that deal with maintenance issues usually are in place for shared items like these. These party-wall easements are created at the time the buildings are built and sold. An agreement or release: The person who possesses the easement dominant tenement agrees to give it up or release the person across whose property the easement exists servient tenement from the obligation.

The easement disappears. By abandonment: Use it or lose it.

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Say you had a driveway easement to some country property that you visit regularly, and for one reason or another, you stop going to the property. Eventually the easement may be considered abandoned and you can lose it. The need no longer exists: The need for the easement may no longer exist.

Conservation Easement. How conservation easements work A conservation easement is a permanent agreement between a landowner and a qualified conservation group.

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Flexibility Because landscapes, landowner goals and potential threats vary widely, a conservation easement is a flexible protection tool. Advantages Continued ownership Easements allow landowners to maintain most ownership rights. The decision Granting a conservation easement is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. Tailoring your easement Most conservation easements share similar features — with the finer details adapted to each landscape and landowner. How do I choose an easement holder? We encourage you to seek legal counsel during the drafting and completion of your easement.

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During the easement-drafting process, INHF staff completes a baseline inventory of the property, including photos and descriptions of key resources. INHF records your signed easement document and baseline with your county recorder. Using the baseline data, INHF staff visits our easement sites annually to ensure that the use of the land complies with goals and restrictions in the easement agreement.

Easement basics

All visits are scheduled in advance and owners are encouraged to join the INHF staff member before, during or after the monitoring process. We ask that you let us know if you are considering a sale or transfer of your land.

The Basics of Conservation Easements in Mississippi

When the land is sold or transferred, INHF makes a point to establish early and friendly communications with the new owner who will learn about the easement and its restrictions during the purchase process. INHF and the new owner then conduct annual monitoring visits as before. Easement Monitoring Funds Responsible easement holders take seriously their perpetual responsibility to monitor the site for easement compliance and, if necessary, enforce the easement through legal means—even decades after the gift was made.

Even the most protective land ownership is only temporary, which is why we felt that an easement was the best choice. But this easement protects things we were protecting anyway. Regarding ecological integrity: we hope that long-term consequences will be immune from short-term decision-making. Easements are not that uncommon and help establish and clarify rights of the parties.

It is a way to avoid conflicts in the future and ensure that certain parties will have the agreed upon rights even after an owner sells their property. An easement is the nonpossessory right of one party to enter upon and use land in the possession of another for a specific purpose, and it obligates the possessor not to interfere with the uses authorized. Matoush v. Lovingood , P.

Easements come in several types depending on the parties involved. An easement appurtenant involves a servient estate land that bears the easement and a dominate estate the land that is benefitted by an estate.

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An easement appurtenant runs with the land and will continue to burden the servient estate and will benefit the owner of the dominate estate. An easement can be created by a written agreement, conveyance by deed, recorded declaration, estoppel, implication, necessity or prescription.