Manual Der internationale Kontext des spanischen Bürgerkriegs (German Edition)

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Volume 14 Issue 3 Jan , pp.

Spanischer Bürgerkrieg im Überblick – Francisco Franco, die Falange, Republikaner vs Nationalisten

Volume 13 Issue 2 Jan , pp. Volume 12 Issue 1 Jan , pp.

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Volume 11 Issue 1 Jan , pp. Volume 10 Issue Jan , pp. Volume 9 Issue 1 Jan , pp. Volume 8 Issue Jan , pp. Volume 7 Issue Jan , pp. Volume 6 Issue Jan , pp.

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Kittel - family estate The doctor and healer Johann Anton Joseph Eleazar Kittel - was prominent personality of his time. Using recently declassified documents from Spain and the United States, personal interviews, and unpublished and published Spanish, German, British, and U.


This study shows that Naziphiles within the Spanish Falange, Spain's fascist party, made a concerted effort to bring their nation into World War II, and that only the indecisiveness of dictator Francisco Franco and diplomatic mistakes by the Nazis prevented them from succeeding. Bowen demonstrates that while Spain was neutral in World War II, its policies clearly favored the Axis, at least in the early stages of the war. By the late s, members of the Falange saw World War II as a revolutionary opportunity, a chance to lead Spain into a new age as a partner with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy at the head of a New Europe of social justice and authoritarian regimes.