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You should just lower the lifeboats to embarkation deck level, so that people can embark into it, and when the boat is full, you lower it into water and sail away. Schettino says he then jumped on the roof of a lifeboat. We learnt that Schettino carries contact lenses.

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Most sailors have otherwise sharp eyes always scanning the horizon far away and women close by. No questions about the crew aboard were posed. Was the underpaid, non-Italian crew with slave wages supplied by the ship owner and approved by the Italian State really capable to execute an abandon ship operation? Nobody knows. The experts have not told us and the court is not interested to establish this fact.

The prosecution has not even investigated this fatal deficiency. Media then reported for the first time that people died on 14 January, :. But media was wrong again, as usual. People died or rather drowned later - after the ship had capsized , the second incident and was sinking , the third incident that took place early morning 14 January The next sessions when the Master answered more questions were 11, 12 and 13 December, No questions about Schettino himself killing people aboard, sinking the ship and then running away had so far been posed.

And no witnesses of any kind had so far suggested anything like it. So far the court had only confirmed that there was a contact , followed by black out and confusion aboard and that Schettino had a young female Moldovan friend looking on.

What a stupid show of Italian justice. It is clear that is protects the ship owner and the Italian State. On 11 December Schettino , asked by some lawyer or prosecutor, informed that most foreign, low paid, cheap crew aboard supplied by the ship owner didn't speak the ship's working language Italian and that there were problems due to it. Schettino apparently didn't speak Malay or the Indonesian dialect of the helmsman The helmsman person turning the rudders was not good and the first to run to the lifeboats after the first incident.

On 12 December a lawyer asked Schettino about who was in charge aboard Schettino humbly said that he was 'responsible' aboard but didn't mention that he could perform marriages aboard between willing passengers Schettino forgot to inform that the ship owner , i.

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Many Masters love to steer their ships in and out of ports. It is fun. You don't have to shout to others, when you do it yourself!

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I cannot understand why Schettino insited to shout in lieu of doing everything himself. The helmsman is another mystery. After failing his duty to turn the ship, he should have been part of the Abandon ship crew. I assume, as a seaman he should have taken care of one of the lifeboats to rescue passengers. And why didn't Schettino invite his friend the Moldovan dancer to do the turn? It is sexy! The girl grips the steering wheel, while the Master grips the dancer from behind, etc, etc.

No questions about ship owner's responsibility ashore or aboard were asked Another question was whether Schettino had lied sic to the investigators of the incident the days after it took place. Schettino said he told the investigators just what he thought had happened then No questions about Schettino 's feelings about the media were posed. Media have evidently for almost three years described Schettino as an incompetent coward and dirty mass murderer employed and paid by an innocent ship owner smelling like a rose. On 13 December the prosecution asked, if the salute and passing of the island - the inchino - was dangerous.

No, said Schettino , it was Company policy and pre-planned to occur safely half a mile, meters, from the island and everybody concerned was informed about it. But something went wrong, i. Actually the turn took much too long to execute and we don't know why, as explained in sections below and in Part I of this report. Isn't it remarkable that nobody at the trial for two years cares why the ship didn't turn as planned and why the descriptions of the turn given by experts in various reports do not explain anything?

Why turn at all late evening close to an island, which nobody aboard could see in the dark? Why weren't all passengers aboard told about the turn close to the dark island?

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Aha - it was dark and nothing to see! Welcome to Italy! In March we learn that the ship was used to carry illegal drugs for the Italian mafia that lost a big shipment due to the incident. Was the turn planned to dispose of the illegal drugs? The original mafia story was available already 2 March Maybe it was sabotaged by people aboard not being paid? Why was this possibility not been discussed at the trial?

Aha - it was simpler just to blame the Master for everything! He was part of the drug smuggling scam and a perfect scapegoat. Asked about the abandon ship operation interrupted by the capsize it was not clear what really happened. The Master should of course remain in the wheel house or in the emergency centre and direct the abandon ship operation from there - and not run around on the ship with a girl friend - and then, as last person aboard , jump into no.

Photos shown above indicate on the other hand that no. Each passenger aboard should have been allocated a lifeboat and each lifeboat should have had a crew that contacted the Master , when it was full and had left the ship, etc. The staff and crew should have used the life rafts. It is confirmed that Costa Concordia did not have any organisation at all for abandon ship in an emergency, which media has forgotten to report, and therefore it was never tested. The prosecution thinks it is the fault of the Master. I think it is the fault of the ship owner and the Italian maritime administration.

Imagine that big passenger ships are sailing around without crew to handle an emergency. During a court break Schettino told The Daily Beast he thought things were going well. Schettino 's testimony marked the end of the prosecution's case and the beginning of his somewhat challenging defence. It seems the early 1 March claims of sexual harassment, drugs and alcohol abuse on the ship were completely forgotten at the trial:.

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The nurse, identified only as Valentina B. She said she had worked on three Costa Cruises vessels, "each one worse than the other". The second woman, identified as Mary G. Very often the officers and other members of the crew were drunk. Often we'd say to ourselves, ' If there's an emergency, who's going to save the ship? She claimed to have been "molested" by a crew member who was high on drugs.

Then there was a break for Christmas and New Year and next year, , the first hearing started Wednesday 21 January , i. The hearing was intended to finally hear four witnesses for the Schettino defence. The defence was apparently allocated only one day! Media should of course interview these witnesses! Imagine, there are witnesses defending the Master.

And why they have not been asked since January? What happened to the drugs? Human factor? Or lack of crew aboard? Didn't the ship have muster stations, where passengers and catering staff should gather when leaving the ship? In an emergency you would expect the following to happen, which is easy to practice at regular drills:. It should take maximum 10 minutes, when the Prepare for Abandon ship order is given.

When the prepare for abandon ship alarm is raised via loudspeakers, bells or siren , all passengers decks and staff decks A, B, C in the hull and superstructure return to their cabins the 14 passenger lifts are not working to dress warmly, put on life preservers and pick up personal belongings, incl. It may be a long walk, if say you are in the bar on deck 5, when the alarm is raised, and your cabin is on deck 10, you have to walk up five decks to collect your belongings and then descend seven decks to get to the muster station.

It should take maximum 30 minutes. Handicapped passengers requiring assistance should have been helped by trained crew. The staff should use the life rafts on deck 4. There should be no need for anybody getting nervous or stressed, if instructions are followed. There is no need for the Master to run around.

He should remain at the Emergency Command Centre all the time. When all reports have been received at the Emergency Command Centre that all aboard have been evacuated and nobody remains aboard, the remaining crew and the Master proceed calmly to 1 starboard lifeboat , which is lowered into the water. It is clear evidence that the ship was not seaworthy. They did their best running around from boat to boat. But then only the same few seamen knew how to lower the lifeboats into the water. In the end 23 of 26 lifeboats were in the water, incl.

Schettino says he jumped on the roof of a lifeboat, when the ship capsized. He should of course have locked himself to the steering wheel to sink with the ship! Only a few seamen aboard knew how to launch a life raft. So it wasn't really done. Only a few life rafts were launched. Who is responsible for this mess?

Or the ship owner? Evidently the ship owner is responsible!