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This is unique in that the statistical aspects are explored fully. This is followed by a contribution by A. Grigoryan and S. Again on transform-based image enhancement, covering both frequency-ordered systems and tensor approaches. The volume concludes with an account of the problems of image registration and ways of solving them by Maria Petrou of the University of Surrey; feature detection, related image transforms and quality measures are examined separately.

Chapter 1 - Statistical Experimental This book is essential reading for electrical engineers, applied mathematicians and robotics experts. The authors do this by examining the latest developments, historic illustrations and mathematical fundamentals of the exciting developments in imaging and electron physics and apply them to realistic practical situations.

Retrieval of Shape from Silhouette A. Bottino, A. Kingston, I. Sugon, Jr. Grey systems and grey information Y. Lin and S. Liu Phase diversity L. Mugnier, A. Blanc, and J. Idier Recent developments in the imaging of magnetic domains W. Szmaja Stochastic deconvolution over groups B. Yazici and C. Applications of noncausal Guass Markov random processes in multidimensional image processing A. Direct detection devices for electron microscopy A. Exploring third-order chromatic aberrations of electron lenses with computer algebra Zhixiong Liu.

Multivalued diffusion PDEs for image regularization, D. Tschumperle, R. Spiral phase microscopy S. Furhapter et al. Rohwer, M. Geometry of prior selection H. Parish and Phillip E. On the Regularization of the Watershed Transform, by F. Meyer and C.

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Volume 151

Lodwick Planar cold cathodes, by V. T Binh and V. Publication of this th volume is an event to be celebrated and, to mark the occasion, the editor has brought together leaders of some of the main themes of past and hopefully of future volumes: electron microscopy, since Ladislaus Marton was one of the pioneers; mathematical morphology, which has often appeared in this series and also fills a supplement, so often cited that it usually appears just as "Academic Press, " H. Heijmans, Morphological Image Operators, Supplement 25, with no mention of the Advances; ptychography, a highly original approach to the phase problem, the latter also the subject of a much cited Supplement W.

Saxton, 'Computer Techniques for Image Processing in Electron Microscopy', Supplement 10, ; and wavelets, which have become a subject in their own right, not just a tool in image processing. Daubechies, G. Tesche and L. Serra, Advances in mathematical morphology: segmentation. An important feature of these Advances is that the subjects are written in such a way that they can be understood by readers from other specialities.

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Complex-valued neural network and complex-valued BP, by T. Nitta 'Disorder', structured diffuse scattering and local crystal chemistry, by R.

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Withers Nonlinear systems for image processing, by S. Morfu et al. The Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation technique in optics, by S. Khan Stack filters: from definition to design algorithms, by N. Hirata Blind source separation: the sparsity revolution, by J-L. Sparck et al. Photometric Stereo: an overview, M. Petrou, A. Vasileios 2. Brackx, N. De Schepper, F. Sommen 3.

Carbon nanotube electron sources for electron microscopes, N. Localized Waves: A Review, E. Recami, M.

Evans 3. Ritter, Gonzalo Urcid 5. Gunther Rudenberg, Paul G. Charged particles in electromagnetic fields 2. Language of aberration expansions in charged particle optics 3. Transporting charged particle beams in static fields 4. Transporting charged particles in radiofrequency fields 5. Static magnetic charged particle analyzers 6. Electrostatic energy analyzers 7. Mass analyzers with combined electrostatic and magnetic fields 8.

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Time-of-flight mass analyzers 9. Radiofrequency mass analyzers. Image contrast in aberration-corrected scanning confocal electron microscopy - E. Cosgriff 3. Comparison of color demosaicing methods - O. Lossona 4. New dimensions for field emission: effects of structure in the emitting surface - C. Edgcombe 5.


Sever Skapin. Sever Skapin Optical interference near surfaces and its application in sub-wavelength microscopy - W. Superluminal, subluminal, and negative velocities in free-space electromagnetic propagation Neil V. Budko 3. Chromatic aberration correction - the next step in electron microscopy Rowan Leary and Rik Brydson 4.

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics

Methods for vectorial analysis and imaging in high-resolution laser microscopy Michele Marrocco 5. Beam equations Exact solutions to the beam equations Anti-paraxial expansions Solution of the beam formation problem in 3D case Asymptotic theory of 3D flows Geometrized theory Examples of applications. Ben Haj Rhouma, M. Khabou, L. Jourlin, J. Breugnot, F. Itthirad, M. Bouabdellah, B. Leitgeb Analysis of optical systems, contrast depth and measurement of electric and magnetic field distribution on the object's surface in mirror electron microscopy S.

Nepijko, G. Schoenhense Multivariate statistics applications in scanning transmission electron microscopy X-ray spectrum imaging Chad M.